School Improvement Plan.

At Frederick Holmes we are constantly looking at ways to improve the education and life chances of the pupils in our care. The purpose of the School Improvement Plan (SIP) is to identify key areas for school improvement and outline actions to be taken . The SIP runs from September 2017 – July 2019. Throughout the year updates about our progress are discussed in Governors meetings and shared with parents through newsletters.

In previous years the School Improvement Plan has been organised under the OFSTED headings:

1.The Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

2.Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

3.Personal development behaviour and welfare

4.Outcomes for Pupils

5. Effectiveness of Early Years Provision: Quality and Standards

6.Effectiveness of the 16-19 Study Programmes

This year we have changed the way we write the School Improvement Plan and will focus on three key priorities in order to create the best environment for our children to grow and learn.

Key Priority 1

To promote and improve the well-being of all members of the school community in order to create a better environment for teaching and learning and improve outcomes for all stakeholders

Key Priority 2

To develop more effective partnership working

Key Priority 3

To continue to raise standards of teaching and learning in basic skills and the Foundation subjects.

Behind each Key Priority sit a number of objectives and actions which have been organised into a termly planner so that we can monitor our progress towards the outcomes in the three key priorities.

Use this link to download the School Improvement Plan which contains more detail in terms of actions to be taken, resource requirements and success criteria.