Creative Arts – University Partnership

This school has been working with Hull University post graduate

students, researching work on Immersive Drama in education who

have been developing multi sensory and interactive scenarios, to

provide two completely different dramatic experiences. One project

used our 4D immersive room to create four stories around, Super

Heroes, An Enchanted Castle, A Wrestling Bout and an

Underwater Adventure, in which individual students could make

decisions about the events and characters that appeared on

screen and take control of how they themselves became involved

in the story sequence and ‘control’ what happened.

The other project has developed the traditional story of ‘Red Riding

Hood’, the students assisted the children to create their own story

resources, decide what the characters looked like and make the

props. They finished with a final ‘promenade performance’ in the

school grounds.

The projects have been innovative and exciting and we very much

hope that this new partnership will provide us with further

opportunities to work together in the future.

4D Immersive Studio Work


Creative Arts – Hymers College Partnership


It has been wonderful for our College Centre students to work

together again with Year 10 music students from Hymers College

and get involved in some collaborative composition work. Both

schools value this ongoing partnership and look forward to

planning further visits and opportunities to perform together.

Students here are seen working on an experimental ‘sound picture’

related to our ‘Routes & Roots’ season topic, using percussion,

orchestral instruments and our ‘Soundbeam’. Composed,

rehearsed, recorded and edited all within the space of an hour!



Residential Trip to Calvert Trust Outdoor Activity Centre, Keswick

After many weeks of preparation, fund raising, sleepless nights and excitement the students and staff involved in the Calvert Trust Outdoor Activity Centre at Keswick have enjoyed a fantastic week .

Many thanks to all those families, staff, community organisations and friends who enabled the residential to take place. We are proud to share a taste of Keswick.